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About Me

I believe that you are the expert of your life experience and, as your therapist and teacher, it's my role to hold space for our shared curiosity and compassion.

An artist by nature, I'm always looking for ways to bring creativity into our sessions; experiential activities like guided meditation, therapeutic art, gentle yoga, and other body-oriented techniques are just a few of the tools I like to use to bring us both more fully into the present. 


My therapeutic approach is eclectic, combining a variety of psychotherapies, including Mindfulness-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt, Psychoanalytic, Narrative, Family Constellations, Internal Family Systems, and other experiential therapies. As a trauma-focused and systems-oriented therapist, I pay careful attention to bringing safety, authenticity, curiosity, and acceptance into the space we share together.

With me you'll find a grounded place for your story to be shared and your whole self to be seen. 


I am currently accepting clients at Changes Counseling Centerand offering meditation classes and workshops throughout Charleston, South Carolina. 


Chelsea approaches what’s meaningful to her with a high degree of excellence. She puts in the time, focus, passion, creativity and patience that results in a high level of achievement and appears to do so with effortlessness and grace. Her big heart compels her to bring light to the world, even into some of the darkest places.

I was so impressed to find out she was not interested in hiding behind information, knowledge and professionalism but was passionate about self-discovery and engaging with clients and teachers to be more connected and present with others. Her courage to be vulnerable with herself and others is a joy to be around.” 

– Dr. Graham Disque, Ed. D, LMFT

Chelsea is warm, kind, and intelligent – and has exhibited these traits in every class she has shared with me. What I like most about her presence, though, is her thirst for knowledge, a dedication to going beyond the surface to really understand people and issues.

– Dr. James Bitter, Ed.D.

"I enjoyed how personal [the workshop] felt and that there was a genuine connection between us all in the room. The experience was very welcoming. I loved it. Thank you!

– Former Participant, Art of Mindfulness Workshop 

"I have been a student of hers in a mindfulness class and there is a beauty to her approach that helps you feel at ease as if you are having tea by a warm fire. You feel present and are invited to figure out what you need to heal. Her mindfulness approach is what the therapy and counseling world needs more of so that people feel safe enough to heal themselves. Chelsea is that guide, that lighthouse which people need to return to their own sense of power and healing."

- Former Meditation Student

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Classes & Workshops

Aromatherapy Restorative Yoga & Meditation 

with Chelsea Green

Fridays 9-9:45am

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Still Soul Studio | 579 King St., Charleston, SC


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