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Masters Level Therapist, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, LPCA
National Certified Counselor, NCC
Certified Meditation Instructor, CMI

“The person you’ll have the hardest time opening to and truly loving without reserve is yourself. Once you can do that, you can love the whole universe unconditionally.”

― Adyashanti, Falling Into Grace


Anu Beginning Therapy, LLC

Psychotherapy & Meditation Services

Therapy sessions are 55 minutes in length for $75 for individual sessions and $130 for couples & family therapy. If financial security is a concern, I do offer a sliding scale fee. 

I do not accept insurance directly, however, I can provide an invoice for you to submit to your insurance company - please inquire with your company to determine your reimbursement plan for out of network providers.

My therapy & meditation services are available via in-person or telehealth/video services. You can reach out to me directly or schedule your telehealth appointment online at the link below.



1 Carriage Lane, Building B, Suite 102

Charleston, SC 29407


Depression and Anxiety


Attachment Trauma

Life transitions

Social skills and difficulty with peers

Parenting concerns

Hyperactivity, impulsivity and attention management

Substance use/abuse and Harm Reduction strategies

Family systems, couples and relationship issues

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Mindfulness Practices

Attachment-Based Therapy

Mindful Self-Compassion Practices

Family Systems Therapy

Guided Meditation

Integration of Mindy/Body/Spirit

Systematic Relaxation

Somatic (Body) Awareness

Inclusion of Spiritual Beliefs

Expressive Arts

Guided Drawing


I believe that an authentic, trusting relationship with clients is crucial for therapy to be effective. I value approaching our time together as my whole & human self, while inviting you to do the same.  


My therapeutic approach weaves together trauma-informed mindfulness practices, holistic health, and attachment theories. I also offer clients experiential activities, such as guided meditation, family constellations, guided drawing exercises, and self-regulation techniques to accompany traditional talk therapy.


I work with individuals above age 16, couples at all stages, families in distress, as well as members of all ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and sexual/gender identities.


I am currently accepting private pay clients on a sliding scale at Anu Beginning Therapy, LLC and I offer meditation classes and workshops at Still Soul Studio and throughout the southeastern United States.



Chelsea approaches what’s meaningful to her with a high degree of excellence. She puts in the time, focus, passion, creativity and patience that results in a high level of achievement and appears to do so with effortlessness and grace. Her big heart compels her to bring light to the world, even into some of the darkest places.

I was so impressed to find out she was not interested in hiding behind information, knowledge and professionalism but was passionate about self-discovery and engaging with clients and teachers to be more connected and present with others. Her courage to be vulnerable with herself and others is a joy to be around.” 

– Dr. Graham Disque, Ed. D, LMFT | Former Clinical Supervisor

Chelsea is warm, kind, and intelligent – and has exhibited these traits in every class she has shared with me. What I like most about her presence, though, is her thirst for knowledge, a dedication to going beyond the surface to really understand people and issues.

– Dr. James Bitter, Ed.D. | Former Clinical Supervisor

"I enjoyed how personal [the workshop] felt and that there was a genuine connection between us all in the room. The experience was very welcoming. I loved it. Thank you!

– Katy | Participant, Art of Mindfulness Workshop 

"I have been a student of Chelsea's in a mindfulness class and there is a beauty to her approach that helps you feel at ease as if you are having tea by a warm fire. You feel present and are invited to figure out what you need to heal. 


Her mindfulness approach is what the therapy and counseling world needs more of so that people feel safe enough to heal themselves. Chelsea is that guide, that lighthouse which people need to return to their own sense of power and healing."

- Kimberly | Former Meditation Student



Chelsea Green, LPCA provides integrative counseling in Charleston, SC. She specializes in working with women, couples, and families in the midst of transitional life phases, co-dependancy, anxiety and depression spectrums, and stress. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in the state of South Carolina, serving clients locally in the Lowcountry and online for international clients and clients residing elsewhere in South Carolina.



1 Carriage Lane, Building B, Suite 102

Charleston, SC 29407

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